2010-12-22 17:38:57

UK MoD:ICE 20,000個、Advancer goggles 4,200個 Norway Army:ICE 9,500個、Profile goggles 1,700個 Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior:ICE 5,000個 Singapore Army:Asian-Fit Striker goggles 2,500個 Spain Marines:ICE 30,000個 New Zealand Defence Force:ICE 500個 China Army:Asian-Fit Tactical XT goggles 5,000個 U.S. Dept of Defense Sales: 2010 Q2-Q3 Notable Sales: Marine Corps:Profile NVG Goggles 58,000個、ICE 65,400個 Army, Air Force, Navy:Profile NVG・Striker 168,000個、Crossbow 85,000個、ICE 228,000個